Administrative Law

We have been involved in numerous lawsuits in a number of jurisdictions, including sovereign immunity issues. We have also negotiated and litigated administrative law issues, from requests for assistance, challenges to agency findings, and administrative appeals, including NEPA review, enrollment disputes, and cancellation of easements.  We have successfully aided in the resolution of federal agency findings of noncompliance as well as the resolution of Inspector General audits.  Our related experience includes working with the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) (ordinances, management contracts, minimum internal control standards (MICS)), and the BIA (land into trust and revenue allocation plans [per capita]), and compact negotiations.  We have assisted with resolution of HUD monitoring reviews, one U.S. Department of Health and Human Services review, and one state welfare agency inquiry.  We have successfully negotiated with state and federal agencies on environmental standards and review, employment issues, mortgage guarantee approvals, and development of memoranda of understanding.